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Theaetetus, the Sophist, and the Statesman are a trilogy of Platonic dialogues that show Socrates formulating his conception of philosophy as he prepares the defense for his trial. Originally published together as The Being of the Beautiful, these translations can be read separately or as a trilogy. Each includes an introduction, extensive notes, and comprehensive commentary that examines the trilogy's motifs and relationships.

"Seth Benardete is one of the very few contemporary classicists who combine the highest philological competence with a subtlety and taste that approximate that of the ancients. At the same time, he as set himself the entirely modern hermeneutical task of uncovering what the ancients preferred to keep veiled, of making explicit what they indicated, and hence...of showing the naked ugliness of artificial beauty."—Stanley Rose, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal

Seth Benardete (1930-2001) was professor of classics at New York University. He was the author or translator of many books, most recently The Argument of the Action, Plato's "Laws," and Plato's "Symposium," all published by the University of Chicago Press.


Seth Benardete (1930–2001) was Professor of Classics at New York University from 1966 until the last year of his life. During this period he also regularly offered a graduate seminar on Plato or Aristotle at the New School for Social Research and held fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung in Munich.
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While philosophy as such may be suspect in the city, Socrates’ distinctive turn to “the human things” seems to bring it out in the open. As the Socratic turn indicates, the philosopher may seek knowledge of human nature and of the whole, but the necessary starting point is an inquiry into the political things.
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