A Friend Let Me Down-Essay

Personal Narrative: My BFFEL - Best Friend For Eternal Life Essay

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I remember one of my BFFEL (best friends for eternal life), I think she was the closest to me because we had so much in common. We were both from countries that weren’t the U.S., we had both left our regular lives far away, and we had both been crazy enough to be each other’s best friend. Even though she was from Canada and me from Argentina, and we only had one year together, you could swear that we were friends from a really long time. KayLe was the coolest person to be my friend, not only because she came from a cold place, but because she was always there for me, the whole school year we had together we had fights or I would fight with our friend and she would always be in the middle, but she still talked to me, came to my house, and…show more content…

Mikee and I had also tried to get her to make herself a myspace so we could chat too, then KayLe and I tried to get Mikee to make himself an e-mail through hotmail so all three could chat through MSN. After KayLe got to Canada she called me and we started talking like she had never left the country, a little while later she put me on hold and called Mikee, on three-way it really felt like she was in California. We all started talking about things that were going on here and asking her if there were things like those in Canada, and stuff like that. After a couple months I convinced KayLe that if she got a myspace she would be able to chat with all of the friends that lived in California, but since I couldn’t show her how to use it she never wanted to learn it by herself, and Mikee never let me even come close to convincing him about the MSN. When the school year started Mikee and I had no classes together so we only got a chance to hang out and talk during the lunch break or nutrition break, and when we did talk all we could say was “I miss KayLe”, and “we should call her, it feels like we haven’t talked with her in forever”. After about a week and a half missing her very much, he finally tells me that he can call Canada after 9 p.m., that night we called her, forgetting that there’s an hour difference, she was

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My Best Friend Essay

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My Best Friend

Have you ever had someone in your life who helped you figure out who you were? Someone who showed you the right path. Someone who was there right next you even if you did not take that path. Someone who always seemed to be right, but never held it against you when you were not. Someone whom without your life would most likely be entirely different. I have. Her name was Jessica. Jessica was more than my neighbor. She was more than my mentor. She was my best friend. Jessica lived three houses down from me when I moved into a new neighborhood. She made moving to a new neighborhood a lot easier. She was one of those people who was friends with everybody. She was friends with everyone because she was so special.…show more content…

She would listen to you. She would be your friend, even if she just met you. I can not remember a time when she had something unpleasant to say about someone. That was one of many valuable lessons I learned from her and have made apart of my life.

She seemed to know everything. Anytime I had a perplexing question I knew she would know what to tell me. Her wisdom spanned several subjects. Everything from the textbook things they wanted me to learn in school, to the life lessons that there are no textbooks for. She taught me by example. She showed me that it was just a waste of my time and energy getting mad, upset, angry or so irate that I allowed myself to be controlled by my emotions. She was always calm, patient, and even tempered when faced with people who were less than pleasant to be around. I learned from watching her deal with people that being nice never fails. And I learned from watching her deal with the situations life would present that as long as you gave everything you had to give and never quit, you could never be beat.

Jessica was a truly amazing friend. She was a true friend. I could always depend on her being there for me with the right words of advice. Even if I did not want to hear what she was saying. She had been exactly where I was and she knew how perilous the journey of adolescence could be. She informed and guided me in my choices. Yet she never forced anything on me. My

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