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MEG-1 IGNOU Solved Assignment-2018

This is the IGNOU Solved Assignment guide which will be in soft copy PDF format. Subject- "British Poetry", for Session 2016-17. Assignments are well preparared by IGNOU Experts with proper answer for your guidance purpose. 
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Subject Name

British Poetry



Last Date of Submission

31 March 2018     |       31 Sep 2018
















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IGNOU MA English Literature Assignments

The assignments are crucial part of IGNOU MA English course. As it is compulsory to submit assignments within the stipulated time before appearing for the final exams.

Moreover, assignments marks are added to the final marks on your mark sheet. Therefore, it is imperative to properly prepare, research and write your assignments before submitting.

Though, a programme counselor at your study center will be appointed to guide you on this. Nevertheless, they are often not much of help and also not available at study centers.

In that case, students are left to fend for themselves.

But following simple tips to prepare your assignments can help you score better each time. We have few tips for you below:

  1. Research Extensively

There are multiple of online resources available for English literature. You can use these resources to enhance the quality of your content in assignments.

Free Resources for English Literature

  1. Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes

Often students make a lot of grammatical mistakes in their assignments. Sometimes the mistakes are so much silly that they lose essential marks. Therefore, students should check their assignments for grammatical mistakes and remove them in time. You can use online grammar checking tools such as Grammarly or Ginger Software.

  1. Use referencing

Though it is not compulsory. But using proper referencing adds twofold value to your assignment content. You could use Harvard Referencing system in your assignment as it is the most popular referencing system and commonly used in India.

  1. Structure your assignment

Structure your assignment using headings and subheadings, bullet and numbered points, short paras and sentences, diagrams, pictures, and use proper punctuations. This way you increase the quality and presentation of your assignment.

  1. Try making it engaging

Engagement is the key as it will ensure that the checker will read your assignment and give you high marks. You could use a tool such as Hemmingway App to increase the readability score of your assignment.

Following is provided the assignment links for 2017-18:

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Download all MEG assignments from 2009 to 2017 here.


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