Cis 502 Case Study Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity ProtecTonSub-CategoryProposed SoluTonAntvirusSymanTec EndpoinT ProTecton Cloud (wiTh Encrypton)Drive EncryptonSymanTec Drive EncryptonCybersecuriTy InsuranceRevenue: $1.5M; LimiT: $2M.SecuriTy InfrasTrucTure R&DInTernal I± STaFCriTcal InfrastructureSub-CategoryProposed SoluTon²irewall SolutonCisco ²irepower 4110DaTa Backup SolutonBarracuda Backup Model 190EducaTon, ±raining and Exercise ProgramsSub-CategoryProposed SoluTonSecuriTy Awareness ±rainingNatve InTelligence, Inc.Refresher ±rainingNatve InTelligence, Inc.InTernal Company PolicyInTernal brie³ng creatons via PowerPoinT SlideshowDHS A´liaton ProgramDHS CIKR ProTecton ProgramRisk Management CostsSub-CategoryProposed SoluTonExposure Ident³catonInTernal C²O researchConTrol Measure ImplemenTatonInTernal I± STaFMaintenance CostsSub-CategoryProposed SoluTonUpgrades and PaTchesInTernal I± STaFSecuriTy Policy UpdaTesInTernal I± STaFInTernal SecuriTy AudiTInTernal I± STaF±O±ALS

Running head: RISK ASSESSMENT 3 Describe The Company Network, Interconnection, And Communication Environment GFI network server enables administrators top scan network for failures with ease and with GFI network server monitor the company’s network can identify the issues and can also fix unexpected conditions before the company’s users and reporting them to the manager. When the threats are found out in the company’s network then the GFI networks reboots the machine and also restarting the service rather than denying the status of the service. There are several connections made between the GFI networks. The elements in the GFI networks are offline, internet, and remote dial up users, PSTN, router, accounting, loan department, custom services, credit debt, finance, base internal networks. The routers and the office offline connections made through the internet. The offline connection of the network is used to monitor and to ensure the maximum network uptime. The offline office can be used to receive the folders and important documents from other offline or the offices via the internet connection. The remote dial up monitor is interconnected to the Public Switched Telephone Networking. The


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