Hrm 498 Week 1 Individual Assignment Part

STRATEGIC HRM PLAN, PART II 2 Strategic HRM Plan, Part II: Strategic Plan and Environmental Analysis Report Nordstrom, Inc. Nordstrom is a North American shoe, apparel and accessory department store that operate in 30 states with 225 locations, including: 116 full stores, 105 Nordstrom Racks, 2 Jeffrey Boutiques, HauteLook, Treasure & Bond store, clearance store and serving customers online and via catalog (Nordstrom, Inc, 2012). John W. Nordstrom and Carl Wallin founded Nordstrom in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle, Washington that after three generations grew to a series of 225 stores offering shoes, apparel and accessories for women, men, and children of all ages, and lifestyles. Since its foundation, John W. Nordstrom’s philosophy was to “offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality, and value”. Nordstrom (NYSE, JWN) made its initial public offering in 1971 (Nordstrom, Inc, 2012). HR Conditions For 15 consecutive years, Nordstrom has been ranked as one of the Best Places to Work from Fortune 100 Magazine; this demonstrates that the current employees are very well taken care of and enjoy working at Nordstrom (Nordstrom, 2012). Diversity is a major contributor to the culture at Nordstrom. According to the Nordstrom, Inc., Careers, (2012) web page diversity is a driving force for their characteristic customer service and reflecting the communities they serve. The workforce diversity rates are: 42% individuals of color, and 72% women. Management diversity rates are 31% individuals of color, and 72% women (Nordstrom, 2012). Nordstrom supports diversity in its workforce and suppliers to reach out to a diverse market share while providing excellent customer service and merchandise (Nordstrom, 2012). It is inferred that the financial success of Nordstrom is not only credited to the merchandise quality, John W. Nordstrom’s philosophy has impacted the longstanding success of its growing empire (Nordstrom, 2012). In keeping with the current strategy to include diversity in the workplace, suppliers and customers, the best strategy is to maintain diversity a high priority with the hope to continue standings as a reputable employer business for all its stakeholders.

2Employee Profile Case StudyDifferent employees possess different attributes, qualities, and qualification that enable them to conduct their jobs according to the job descriptions. Within the workplace, these employees exhibit different needs, and the management needs to take care of the needs individually to enhance performance by the employees. To determine the specific needs of employees, organizations need to monitor their behavior and come up with effective strategies to meet the demand of employees. This paper present employs monitoring plan for two employees.Jimmy BrownJimmy is the supervisor of the night shift at Solomon Industry Inc. (SII). One of the problems faced by Jimmy is the high turnover. Jimmy is always training new members of staff, andthis means the high cost for the company. When designing employee improvement programs, it is imperative to understand that no two employees have similar needs and the program should be designed in line with staff need. Employee improvements are meant to develop the employee to be better at their work, professionally and socially so they can expand their horizon and manage their assignment well. The management approach would be behavioral where the needs. Identifying responsibilities of the worker and how his skills and qualification matches these responsibilities would be important.


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