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Folk! Here’s the first prize winning essay in the 2012 edition of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPMN) Essay Competition.

After I announced the 2013 edition of the competition which closes on 23 July, 2013, and published my entry which clinched the second prize, many of you asked for the first prize entry to be published.

I’m publishing it here with the kind permission of the author, my good friend, Dr. Onasanya Omobolanle. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find it (except it is stolen here and republished).

You have to download it in PDF to be able to read it: Employment Generation and Expansion…by Onasanya Omobolanle.

I have covered the phone number on the title page. We all know what some guys can do.

I hope you enjoy it and find it resourceful. I wish you all the very best in your writing endeavour. I’m ineligible to enter. So whoever of you wins it, ensure to contact me for my share of the prize 😉

Have you got any question? Feel free to drop your comments below.

The competition was announced at at the beginning of 2017 with a first cut-off date of 31 March, with a view to holding a second call to follow later in the year. 

The call invited young (under 30 years) citizens of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to submit essays of up to 3,000 words in English on any topic relevant to the Association Agreements & DCFTAs of their countries with the EU.

The essays should be of good analytical and linguistic quality, and preferably choose a theme where the author is able to demonstrate knowledge in some depth through studies, research or professional experience. The essays should have an interesting argument or proposition to make. The winning prizes will be published at

There are to be up to six prizes to be awarded, with the winners to receive prize money of 500 euro.

From the first call two prizes have now been awarded, to:

- Dinu Codreanu, 27 years, from Chisinau, Moldova 

(Read the essay:

- Bogdan Cuza, 16 years, from Chisinau, Moldova

(Read the essay: )

We congratulate both authors. The jury remarked: “Dinu’s essay is a very professional piece of policy analysis. Bogdan’s essay is a remarkably mature and moving contribution from a high school student”.

Short-listed runners-up were:

  • Marina Rabinovych from Odessa, Ukraine
  • Rodian Rusnac from Chisinau, Moldova

Second call: submissions are now invited, following the same guidelines as indicated above. Submissions can be addressed at any time up until 31 August 2017, by e-mail to There remain up to four prizes to be awarded. 


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