Obesity Research Paper Thesis Ideas

Finding researchable obesity topics for research papers:

Research Papers

A research paper is an essay that involves critical thinking, skills of organization, research, evaluation of sources, and more. It is where you combine a bunch of information and the final product is a well written speech and or document in which clearly describes your point of view on the topic at hand. In order to make sure that your research paper is properly written it needs to first be properly researched. And you will know that your research paper has been properly researched if you follow the basic steps of research.

These steps are as follows:

  • Be sure to have your research question completely defined
  •  Always ask for help
  •  Locate all of your resources from credible sources and be sure to develop a well
  • thought out research strategy
  •  When completing the research be sure to use search techniques that are very effective
  •  You need to always make sure that when you read the information you gathered to read it very critically, then synthesize all of the information and then find the meaning in all of that information- that meaning is your side of the story
  •  While you are researching and writing you need to be sure to completely understand the format of how the paper needs to be written as well as how the information needs to placed such as properly citing your sources
  • All of the sources that you choose to use, you need to be sure to evaluate them critically, this is how you will determine what information you will include and what information you will not include, as well as why you think you should include what you think you should include or not

Obesity topics:

The question for each research essay is the topic of what you need to focus on when researching. One very popular topic to write about is that of obesity, however you need to be sure to write about something that is researchable and backed by science findings. Some new example obesity topics for research essays that you should consider are as follows:

  •  Do genes influence whether someone is obese or not?
  •  Do you think that drugs should be allowed to help in treating obesity?
  •  Is someone’s obesity connected to their social environment?
  •  Is fast food the only thing to really blame for obesity?
  •  Should colleges completely ban junk food from all of the vending machines and the cafeteria?

Obesity topics for research paper

Obesity is a lifestyle disease that is on the rise in America and most other developed countries the world over. What makes obesity such a serious menace is the fact that it is the leading cause of tens of opportunistic fatal diseases which include hypertension, cancer, and heart failure. The overreliance on technology has reduced the mobility of children and this coupled with comfort eating has led to a new phenomenon – the upsurge of childhood obesity. This has led to the rise of children affected with diseases that were initially thought of as diseases for adults.  There is therefore dire need to examine this and take some precautionary steps to curb it.

8 obesity topics for research paper writing

The following are some good obesity topics for research paper that you can use to write your term paper:

  • The role of genes in childhood obesity – there is some genetic research that has sought to link obesity to genetic makeup. You could do a research paper on this to try to find out to what extent this is true and if true, to what extent to influences the weight of new born babies, toddlers as well as adults
  • There is an increase in childhood obesity in America – you can take this as the main theme for your term paper. Write on why there is this increase and you can try to draw a contrast with one or two other countries that are either at per or have no childhood obesity crisis.
  • The effects of obesity – research has established a number of serious health implications of childhood obesity not only on the child but also later on in life. You can do a research paper that seeks to establish this link and investigate how adults are affected as a result of their childhood overweight issues.
  • Obesity prevention in children – prevention is always better than cure. You can do a study on the best mechanisms that can be employed to prevent childhood obesity
  • Healthy eating – this is another interesting topic worth pursuing. Obesity is largely as a result of poor eating habits so you can do a research paper on the healthy eating options for children. Could it be that the problem of obesity is because children have very few healthy eating options today?
  • Inactivity – inactivity, especially among Children is a serious challenge today. Children often prefer to play video games as opposed to going outside and playing with other kids. This somewhat leads to obesity and this would also be a great research topic on obesity
  • Societal stigma – obesity is not a disability but obese children go through the same stigmatization that disabled people do. How does society stigmatize obesity and how can this be checked?
  • Obesity and depression – some experts argue that there is a link between obesity and depression. This would also make for a good research topic as you seek to either validate or invalidate these assertions.

Obesity topics for research paper writing and sample thesis statements

Once you have settled on a good research topic, the next thing you want to form is a strong thesis statement. A weak statement will result in a weak paper so you want to give it your best. Here are two examples of some good thesis statements:

The impact of obesity in children:

Obesity has far-reaching ramifications as it can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of a child besides commutating to chronic issues in adulthood.

What causes obesity?

Obesity is largely a lifestyle disease and its two largest causes in both children and adults are poor eating habits and inactivity.

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