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GameZone brings you the complete guide on Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes. Learn how to unlock all the characters from various other comics and also the locations of all the collectibles in the game.


Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes



Things To Know….

Theatrical Pursuits


Harbouring a Criminal

Stop the Joker


Amusement Mile

To the Batcave
Arkam Asylum Antics
Catwoman's Motorbike
Two-Face's Truck

Bane's Mole Machine


Courtyard Cleanup
Asylum Assignment


Gotham City
Chemical Crisis


The Juggernaut

Chemical Signature


Unwelcome Guests


Sky Chase

Destination Metropolis


Mr.Luthor is Expecting You

Research and Development


Robot Takedown

Down to Earth


Crash Landing

Underground Retreat


Gold Bricks


These are the basic collectibles in the game – there are 250 of them scattered all around Gotham City. You will need to break the things which are close-by to unlock the brick but the real deal is searching for them… which ofcourse is extremely strenuous.


Bat – Devices Collection


You will get Bat Devices during mission mostly. They are difficult to find but most of them which can be unlocked during the initial playthrough are mentioned in the walkthroug itself, for others – you need to re-play the levels again with different characters to get the rest of the devices – they are used to build vehicles.


Unlocking all Playable Characters


You can unlock characters by moving around Gotham and either bribing them to work for you or discovering secret locations – the following are all the character which you can use –







Black Canary


Bruce Wayne

Captain Boomerang



Clark Kent


Commissioner Gordon

General Zod

Green Lantern

Harley Quinn





Joker Henchman

Killer Croc

Killer Moth


Lec Luthor

Lois Lane

Mad Hatter


Mr. Freeze

Police Officer

Poison Ivy

Ra's Al Ghul






Tim Drake

The Flash

The Joker

The Penguin

The Martian Manhunter

The Scarecrow


Two-Face Henchman

Vicki Vale

Wonder Woman


— There are a few extra characters for the hand-held versions of the game.


Mini – Quests


There are many villians roaming around Gotham, you need to fight them….


Re-Playing Levels with various Characters


There are nearly fifty characters in the game, all levels have somethings which can be unlocked by specific characters only and you will only find out what they are by playing them again with different characters – To replay a level, use a Bat-Terminal around the city or in the Batcave and you will see the numbers of various missions on the map, select one to begin.

Theatrical Pursuits


After a very long cutscene which shows the Joker crashing the party, we finally get control of the supersleuth and in addition – the boy wonder. If you are playing co-op then each one controls one character but you can tag with the other player. If you are only a single player then you can still hit the "tag" button to take control of the other character – either Batman or Robin and you will need to do so too very frequently in the game since their powers and abilities (even fighting style) differ considerably. Harley Quinn is on the podium but you have some thugs to deal with nearby.



Start taking them out and try to destroy as much of the surroundings as possible so as to collect everything possible. After you are done with everyone on the ground walk a bit to the right of the podium in front of it where you can see some bouncing lego pieces – they also shine. You need to hold the "special" button here to join all the pieces and it makes a set stairs up to the podium where Harley is waiting. She jumps on top of one of the three structures here, hold the attack button to bring up a pointer. Move it to point Harley and then move from there because after she is hit, she jumps down and attacks you. Repeat this twice more and the trap door opens. Fall in and you come to a save panel. Hold the special button which standing on the white bat-sign to save the game.



Move to where the large bell like thing is (it keeps moving if you hit it), and hit it a few times to reveal the Riddler. Move into the next room – ignore the gold lock for now – we can get it later. Move into the next room and take out all the minions, move to the center of this area near the green tail –


Jump into the windows andd move to the middle to collect the bat-device.


Go back out and then hold the grapple button and grapple onto the gold hook to the left of this area (when you hold the grapple button – a arrow is shown on top of the circle which is the pointer which points to the nearest hooks). Hit the jump button after you grapple and jump up, move to the right on top and grapple onto the first hook then from there itself, grapple to the hook to the right side and move ahead and drop the box in the end. Go down and hold the special button to start building the first of many suit platforms in the game. Make Batman walk into the suit to wear it and walk to the right now near the camera and hit the special button once to get invisible and move into the room here and hit the guy. Move to the right of this area and grapple onto one of the hooks then tag to change your character and make the next guy grapple onto the second hook to drop the blockade ahead. Move in and take out the enemies, go up the steps where you can see the photo of Lego Zattana to the left –


Move to the board ahead and stand on the bat-sign and hit the special button to see thru the wall. Move the sights around and hit the attack button to drop the things inside on the riddler. Keep hitting him and beat him up after he comes out and hold the special button to build an elevator and then move up.



You can save here, then take out the bad guys, collect all the coins and then move to the left and hit the hot dog stand here to break it and this gives us more bouncing Lego tiles. Build them to get the Robin Acrobatic suit. Aim at the pole hole to the left here and double jump up to it and make your way on top. Kill all the enemies and destroy the two yellow things to the left and right near the railing to get more Lego tiles and they build grappling hooks. Switch to Batman and make your way up now and use the special button to go invisible and make your way past the cameras in the center area. Go in and destroy everything inside to get some Lego tiles – build them to get a bubble ball platform. Move Robin near the platform and hit the shift button to get Robin to go into his bubble ball and move into the platform and move the ball ahead to lower the chandelier on which Two-face is and get it all the way down.


After he falls down, hit him a few times till he get dizzy and you will see Joker in the elevator.



Go up and switch to Robin and move to the right of where you saw Two-Face first and hold the attack button to show the pointer of Robin's pole. Aim it to the right side hole and jump up and jump all the way around to get the second Bat device (repeat this with the hold on the left too – just hit the special button once to get the pole back to Robin). Move into the elevator and you will come to the Joker. Save here and start hitting him. If you hit him with one character – he will be shocker and you need to switch to the other character and hit the Joker. Do this a few times till he jumps up on a camera, take out all the guys around him and stand on the bat sign to the right. There are two red pipes inside – align them properly and this takes the Joker down. Move to the left and build the Lego tiles here to make a zipline. Jump up and watch the ending of this mission.


Harbouring a Criminal


Stop The Joker


We have a larger area to move around now. First hit the jump button to get onto the ground from where we can continue our mission. Once you are down, move to the left and you will see a golden arrow pointing to a platform in the middle to the left. Break the things on the platform and build the tiles to get the Sensor Suit again. Take it and move all the way to the other side of the road to the right. Here, you will see some red things in a circle, destroy all of them to get a golden brick, move to the right corner of this area here and you will see a batsign. Use the special button here and go all the way to the top collecting all the coins, you will come across a Gold Brick but you will need to come back later for it. Just collect all the things and go bacn down. Go back to the other side of the road and move to the green board to the left and stand on the batsign and use the sensor. Break the four red fuses and build the tiles to get the Acrobat Suit again. use Robin to take it and move onto the ball platform nearby and activate the bubble ball using the special button and make Robin run left on the ball platform which makes some more bouncing tiles to come near you.


Build them and you get a switch. Stand on the batsign and use the terminal to order the Robin Helicopter. After it comes, you will have some problems, just move around hitting the bad guys and you will find some jumping tiles near the copter, build them and you get the first of three parts. Move around breaking everything and take all the coins you can. There is a citizen you can save to the right and also some ad boards you can break. Move back to the copter and continue to the left end here and break the shining things on the trailer to the left end. This opens the door, two people cocme out, move in and keep hitting the things inside till it breaks comepletely. Build the lego tiles to get a Power Suit for Batman. Use the special button to send out a bomb near a silver object and it will detonate. Start destroying everything silver you can find. If you move infront of the building. The first silver spot light will give you tiles and if you build them you get the Robin Magnetic Suit. The next Silver Spot light to the left will give you a ice cream cycle, take the cycle all the way to the right collecting the gold coins on your way and you get a Bat-device in the end. Go back to where you found the cycle and shoot a bomb onto the silver board here on the wall which is a picture frame of the man of the year award. You get another Bat-Device after it explodes.


Use the magnetic suit and take robin to the trailer where you found the power suit and use the specila button to pull down the ladder make Batman climb it and destroy the silver light on top to get coins.


Make Robin go to the front of the theater again where the right side pillar is made of the blue magnet. Use the special button to break the two locks and build the tiles to get the last of the ad board. Destroy it to get a Bat-device. Make Robin walk up the blue pillar and grapple onto the hook. After goin up, jump left and jump up onto the building. Here, use the magnet to bring down the line of blue object so you can pass over to the other side. Kill the goons and drop the lift and build the tiles to get the second part of the copter. Switch to Batman and climb the lift and go up. On top, go near the yellow handle and keep hitting the special button till Batman pulls the thing down. Switch back to Robin and go back up again and pull the stair down. Switch to Batman, move up and blast the silver thing and use Robin to pull the blue thing. Move left and blast the silver light to the left to get tiles, use the special button to make a zipline and follow jump on it to go to the left. First, go down the stairs to the left and move around the place here to get a Bat-device – this should unlock the superhero status. Move back up and use the grapple here and go all the way, use Robin to bring down the blue things and in the end you will come to a yellow lever which Batman needs to pull, go around the path near the level and you get another bat-device.


Jump down to the copter and build the last part.




Now, you will be in the Robin Copter and need to gun down the Joker, his missiles and minions on other boats and copters. Just use the movement buttons to move the pointer and the attack button to fire. Keep hitting the attack button. You will need to bring down Joker's health four times on the boat while killing the other enemies and also do not forget to shoot the missile, soon you will land outside the Funland and Joker keeps shooting missiles at you.




You can destroy the four cars around here to get a bat-device. Go to the truck to the left and explode the silver lock on it. Then some pieces fall, build the tiles into a cannon, stand behind the green handle to the left and move it to face the joker. Then shoot it. There is a save panel to the right. Anyway, move Batman to the right corner to the right of Joker's ship and build the tiles here then blast the teeth of the figure. Then build the blue tiles to cover the gap to the left on the magnetic strip. Go up the strip and jump and move to the center and keep hitting the white object and after you destroy it, there are two magneticc rods which Robin can pull out causing the structure to fall on the Joker. Then go back and build any tiles you see on the ground, move to the left corner behind you and you will see a bump car, it's not of any particular use right now though. Jump onto the cart that came out shooting missile and shoot one of your explosives onto the cannon (it's silver) and then use Robin to break the magnetic seals to the right and left. Then blast the silver cover to destroy it and build the tiles to destroy Joker fully. This will end this part and you get a visit from a super friend.


Amusement Mile


– To the Batcave –


First, move to the left where you see the traffic cones and start hitting them, you will need to continuously hit them and only them consequtively to get a multiplier of x9 and then a Golden Brick shows up. Activate the terminal and ask for a vehicle of your choice. Then hop in and move around while destroying the silver structures and then go out and follow the blue coins all the way to the marked spot. Get down and activate the terminal and you are inside the cave, go into the elevator and you witness a cutscene. You will regain control of Bruce Wayne.


Arkam Asylum Antics


Catwoman's Motorbike


Well, we have a host of supervillans to take care of but first to Catwoman. Move to the right below the steps and target the two green canisters on the wall and destroy them to stop the water from shooting up. Move in and build the tiles and use the grapple on the lever to get Robin's Acrobat Suit. Take it and move right, use the pole and jump across the radiation. Now move a bit further and walk on the path on top of the wall and when you are near the jumping tiles, build them into grappling hooks, build both tiles and move batman across. Go in and build the tiles to get the Power Suit. Destroy the silver statue here to get a Bat-Device. Blast the silver gate ahead and climb the wall to the other side. Blast the wall to the left and you will have taken care of Catwoman.


Two-Face's Truck


Now for the next guy… Move all the way to the left where you see silver objects. Destroy them and build the tiles to get a ball platform. Make Robin spin on it and move the suit platform which is in the wall accordingly – move it out and take the bat suit. Now move into the area below and shoot at the blue part of the wall where you can get a Bat-device. Go back and move right and shoot at the two blue parts of the wall and after the wall comes down. Keep hitting the object which fell down and the gate nearby opens up and the truck is destroyed. Move into the gate to face the next guy.


Bane's Mole Machine


Move about and you will soon come to two grappling hooks. Use the sonic gun to destroy the blue stuff to the right and then make both your characters hold onto the hooks and this will make a new suit show up. Take Robin to the Ice Suit which can freeze the water found on the walls. Now, go back and take Batman's Power Suit. Climb the walls around here and take the coins and move about till you come to a silver statue. Blast it and water flows out. Freeze it to take care of the final headache.

Courtyard Cleanup


You can go around the courtyard hitting things and collecting all the coins. Move to Gordon after you are done to start the next part of the game. You will come into a dungeon of sorts



Asylum Assignment


Start by destroying the pieces in front of the elevator and build the tiles to get Robin's Hazard Suit. Jump into the water to the left to fill up the suit and use the special button to shoot the water at the fire to the right. Jump into the water ahead and walk onto the batsign and use the special button to send up a suit for Batman. Grab the Batman Electricity Suit and walk ahead and onto the electrocuted area and further. Then stand on the batsign and use the special button again to raise some debris which were blocking Robin's path below in the water. Switch to Robin and move ahead hitting everything, just do not walk infornt of the fans below. Then switch to Batman and jump across and again use the special button while standing on the batsign. This will disable the fans below, switch to Robin again now and move thru the first fan and go to the elft to grab a Bat-device and move to the right and destroy the fan and come out. Move to the terminal and activate it. Switch to Bats again and give power to the switch above, this makes Killer Croc come up into his cage to eat while Robin can move ahead in the water.


Move ahead and destroy the engine in the middle to stop the fan above and move ahead. Move Batman thru after hitting the fan and destroy the coumputer table ahead and build the tiles to get a lever. Move infornt of the green side and move it all the way around and you will see Robin move ahead below. Switch to Robin again, come out of the water and aim at the blue thing above (use attack button to aim). After the meter fills up, the stairs to the left fall down. Walk up and use the special button to ice the water to the right, also take care of any inmates. Go up the ice and start hitting in the center of the area above to release water from two places. Move to the rigth here where you will see some shiny objects, destroy them and build to get Robin's Ice Suit. Take it and freeze the two water showers in the middle and alos the water fall and them go up. Move to the left side and jump across on the frozen water and make Robin go thru the ice gas and push the lever all the way around and go ahead. Start taking out everyone here.


You can build some tiles to the left after you destroy the things, then make Batman go up the electrocuted ice and hit the switch on top. Make Robin go up and climb on the Ice and move over to the other side and you will find another batsign. Jump down into the room and hit the switch, this will bring up a lever to the left. Spin it around and the gas above stops, go up and make Robin freeze the water and take Batman across the ice and hit the button here which is electrified. Move both of them into the lift.




You can save to the left here, walk to the right and take out everyone and make Batman use the special button to the ahead. This will bring up a ball panel. You can make Robin take the Acrobat Suit which is nearby, now move a bit to the left where you will see rods coming out of the wall which Robin can jump onto –


Go all the way to the right and take the Bat-device here. Go onto the ball panel and spin in it. Look at the coin on the screen behind Robin and move the ball so that the coin comes to the other side. This makes a box come up, use the grapple on it and some enemies come out, beat them and you get the Sensor Suit. Move to the left and become invisible and go thru the cameras. Hit the button here so Robin can move thru (switch back to the ice suit) and move ahead. Go in all the way and to the right and take out the enemies in this place and move out of here into the open section. Move ahead here and you will see a X-Ray wall. Walk to it and hit the special button and shift the circuits in the wall which brings up a bridge to the right.


Go right and freeze the water. Get on top and use the button here to bring up the next bridge. Move on it across and hit everyone and go to the left. Move to the large doors and hit everyone and move to the left to the x-ray panel. And look to the left side top corner and just manipulate the things so that the canister moves to the right side and the doors open ahead. Make your way thru and keep hitting and goign ahead till you reach the toxic gas. Now, make Robin jump on the beam to the left and let Batman take the lever to the right. 




Move into the chamber and you will fight the scare crow. Just keep hitting all the inmates till they fall and keep hitting scarecrow when he comes down. After three waves of inmates, you can see some bouncing tiles to the left and right ahead where the last inmates broke thru from. Build them and you get a wheel. Turn it and a rope comes down. Make one of the heros hold onto the rope while the next one spins the wheel, and after you go up, hit the lever on top to activate the fans. Repeat this on the other side and take scarecrow down for good.


The mission comes to an end now.


Gotham City


Take a vehicle and make your way by following the line of transperent coins on the road till you come to a iron wall. Get down and move to the left here and grab the Electiric Suit and hit the switch nearby to open the way to the next part. Now, keep going and you will eventually come to Ace Chemicals. 


Chemical Crisis


Move to the right and destroy the stuff to the right of the glass vault of the suit to get some pieces, build them to get a lever which opens the glass case and get Robin's Hazard Suit. You can clear out all the chemicals in your way by using the special button but watch out for the water level in the suit because it will keep going down – you will just need to jump into some water body to refill your suit. Move to the right and jump into the water by going up the stairs. Hit the button in the water and this rises a chemical canister up. Move to the right and jump onto the canister and hit the button again here to get one of the chemical vials. Then make Batman beat the three goons who come out and continue right. Keep bashing and going, you will see a batsign on the ground near a switch, this switch opens the trap door to the right of it but it is locked in place so just start hitting the locks on the door and get the switch which raises a platform. Make Robin clean it and get the electricity suit. Now, climg the electric stairs nearby and jump ahead and hit the switch to stop the current, move to the left till you reach the second chemical canister and mkae Robin use it to get a second Vial and then move right where the three goons showed up. Jump into the water and move to the right all the way and hit the switch to get out of the water.


Go down the stairs and stand in the small tank of water in the right side below and take out all the goo around. Also, take out the chemicals from the suit panel near the stairs here to get the Magnetic Suit. Move ahead and use the magnetic pipes to go up and move left. Use the magnet to pull the weight here and make Batman hit the switch here to raise the third canister. Use Robin to get the third Vial and a brigde comes up with three goons. Take them out and move ahead. You will see the next part of the bridge destroyed, just build the tiles to get a small platform which you can jump onto and move ahead. Keep going and in the next area, you will need to stand on the barrels which are coming to the right and cross over to the next place. Here, you will see some magnetic cans. Pull them and climb on them and you will reach the fourth chemical canister where you can get the fourth Vial, after which another set of barrels are activated to the right below. Use them to jump right and you will come to three pools of chemicals – each with a different colour. First, hit the switch here with Batman and grab the hazard suit. Jump into each chemical and then shoot it into the same color ring ahead till the vats above are full. Do this for all three and the chemical pool to the right turns into water.


Use Batman to jump into the pool and move right onto the electric railngs and hit the switch here so Robin can come up. Clear all the chemicals here and use the switch below. Go to the right side where you see three clowns on a fork lift, take them out and make Batman drive the forkift and take it to the left side of the water tank and use the attack button to lift up the fork and Robin jumps up. Now, go to the batsign and hit the button and jump into the water. Go up and hit the button on top and take the last chemical.




Move to the right and use Robin to cross the chemicals and go to the left wall and destroy the things here and build a pipeline that gives water to the right. Jump in and take the water and put out all the chemicals and fire and past the fire you will find tiles to make the Acrobat Suit, take it and move right. Throw it into the hole on top and jump up and go across, then use the bubble ball in the ball socket and move left to get a bridge. Batman crosses it, use the electric switch here first to get electricity and then use the third switch and you get a gift box – break it and hit the thing inside. Then use it again and use the second switch to get a suit platform which gives you the Power Suit. Go right and pull the handle and bash the three enemies here and take out all the silver stuff ahead. Make Robin climb the pipe and build the grapple hook on top to get Batman up, then move to the right and destroy any other silver things and make Robin jump up on the blue and while chequered wall all the way to the top and hit the while thing here to drop a ladder from the top. Go up and around to the silver tower and blast it to form a bridge of sorts and move to the right side and watch the cool Joker fire below on the ground.


Move right and you will come to a large screen, hit the things to the left and right of the screen to get some tiles with which you can build the ball socket. Jump into the socket and move the cursor on the screen onto the taps and hit the attack button to disable the two freeze jets on top. Go up and to the rigth side now. Pull the hands using Batman and use Robin again to climb the blue and white wall. Now, make him go into the ball socket, this moves the platform here. Take it to Batman and move him to the right to the Electricity Suit. Then take him back up and hit the switch. Tag to Robin and use the pole in the hole and jump across. Again, jump over all the chemicals and hit the switch here. Take Batman across and hit the next switch to bring down a container. You can jump on the cap of the vat to the right and onto the container.


Now, we get the Man of Steel. There are fove fires which you can extinguish using the specail button while Superman is on the ground and you will get a bat-device. The first is to the left on this platform. Then to make Superman fly double tap jump, to make him come to the ground hit special when in air. To use his heat ray just hold the attack button which brings up the pointer which you can use to destroy golden objects which you found throughout the game. Now fly him straight above the fire to where the orange handle is and break it. Go down to the water and use his ice-breath – specail button to freeze up the water. Then fly to the right on top of the catwalk (extinguish the second fire here) where you find some light come out of the objects – destroy them and build the tiles to get the Power Suit. Then destroy the silver grate covering the hazard suit using Batman and take the hazard suit with Robin. Move down and you will see an x-ray wall – use Superman here to break the cicuits to reveal three coloured rings below it on a lower level and also one of the three puddles here is one of the chemicals which you need to pour into the ring. Do that and take control of Superman again and put out the third fire which is to the right of the three puddles here near the golden pillars and then use the heat ray on the pillars.


Take Robin up the catwalk and use the remaining two chemical too. Then in place of the chemical, water shoots. Freeze the water and switch Batman back to the electric suit and go up and thru the electricity. Then hit the switch ahead and take Super man and fly up onto the platform where you see a gold lego surface which can be cut using the heat ray –


Hold the attack button to bring up the heat ray and then use the direction buttons to move the ray on the outline of the cut which is shown. Then move ahead and stop the fire here (this is the fourth) and move to the next gold panel and use the ray again and freeze the water. Take Batman up and move right all the way, the last fire is to the right of the elveator so extinguish it and use Batman to hit the switch of the elevator and climb in.




Use Superman first to fly around destroying the gold objects, there are two on the platform here, fly up and you will see another, move to the right ahead and you will see the last two on the platform after which you get a Bat-device. There are two more gold boxes supporting the platform which the electric switch is on, take them out and bring Batman here and use the switch. Move to the left again to get the Power Suit. Move to the right and take out the two silver structures supporting the water tank to end this mission.


The Juggernaut


Firstly, get into the Bat mobile and start by following the trail of blue icons on the road. You will eventually come across the Juggernaut – a very large truck. Follow it and move in close behind it to start the mission. Now, all you need to do is aim and shoot, the Batmobile is on auto pilot so use the direction keys to move the circlucar pointer and start shooting at the Juggernaut's defences. You will also face a few helicopters which come across so shoot them too and take your time doing it because you do not want too many missiles hitting the Batmobile – although they semmingly do not case any damage. After all of the defences are down, the Dynamic Duo move inside the Juggernaut.




Chemical Signature


You can save to the left here…


Start by beating up the robots which are ahead, they keep coming till you destroy the pipes which are beside the door they come out from. Just take out everone here and go to the right of the right side door thru which the robots came from and hit the things here and build to get the Magnetic Suit. Move to the right and use the magnet on the equipment here which releases a power ball below you. Use the magnet on the balla nd move it all the way to the left and thru the hole so you can get the ball. Then see what happens and take Robin on the magnetic pipes and move up, again hit the pipe beside the door to close the robots and move right and hit the button here. Continue to the right and hit the stuff here and build to get the Sensor Suit. Take it and move left and use the special button to cloak Batman and then go up the truck and desetroy the green thing on top of the ladder here to disable the camera below. Move to the left to save a Citizen and switch to Robin, go on top and use the magnet on the gas exaust.


Move across and hit the two glowing latches on the edge here. An X-Ray wall comes up, first hit the left, then middle and then right and then the left one again to make a path to the right and move across, two enemies on jetpacks come up, use the batarang to hit them and build the tiles that show up to get the Bat Suit. Move to the right and use Robin to pull the magnetic handle to get the brigde all the way up. Then switch to Batman immediately and double jump and hold the jump button to glide across. Now break the stuff here (use the special button for the sonic attack) and build to get a terminal which calls the Bat Wing. Move to the right and jump inside thru the hole. Use the magnet to the left and move down, take out the robots here again and destroy the pipes next to the doors and then move to the left and flip the lever here and a machine comes out. Destroy it to disable one of the beams. Use Robin and climb the magnetic line and go to the top. Use the magnet here to open the compartment and take out the next device. Then destroy the stuff here to make a grapple hook and bring Batman up. Grapple onto the third and last beam emitter and jump across. Use the sonic gun on the glass here and then look at the cutscene.

Unwelcome Guests


Move ahead since the paths to the left and right will be blocked if you go. Bash everyone on your way and get onto the batbike and start hitting the two supervillans. Once you connect a shot, the bike gets destroyed and then you can build the tiles to get the electric suit. Do not appraoch Lex or Joker, just move back and go to the left path and hit the button here. Move left further and bash any goons who come here. You will find a switch to use. The Bat Suit shows up, take it and move to the large glass case below and hit it. Build the tiles to get Robin's Acrobat Suit. Move to the left on the edge and throw the pole in place and jump up. Break the things here and build them. Switch to Batman and use the newly build pole to get across and get into the batwing and start hitting the villans again. After the wing is destroyed, build the tiles to get the power suit. Go back all the way to the main terminal and continue on the path to the right. Hit the silver with the explosives and move right. You will come to an apparatus to the right in the end. Jump on one of the side of the apparatus and the other guy goes onto the other side and the batboat comes up. Use it on the terrible two and watch the cutscene.




First, take out the gold block ahead and move inside with Batman and grapple onto the hook above and reach the top. Then climb on the wall to the left and on top switch to Superman and blow out the fire here and break the box and build it. Fly to the right and again blow out the fire and break and make the things here and go further up by using Batman on the grapple hooks. Now, you should be able to see Robin's pole hole to the left. Use his pole and keep jumping up. After the wall collapses use the freeze breath of Superman and take Batman up. Go straight and shoot at the vault door and use Superman's X-Ray vision to go thru. Before you go out move back a bit and you should see a Joker Card on top of some rubble to the right, hit it.


Take control of Robin first and move him ahead, go to the left side and you will come to the magnetic suit. Take Superman and fly just above and take out the fire which is on the grappling hook so that Batman and Robin can come up. Use the explosive from the power suit the take out the silver box here to reveal a Joket tile  – destroy it (there are two more of such tiles around). Take Robin and walk him on the magnetic pipes to the right and go all the way down. You will come to the farthest platform where you can see a room on top to the left and a large robot whiich is inactive in the middle and another room to the right. Take Robin to the right side room and use the grapple here. Take Superman into the room and balst the golden thing in the middle and then hit the Joker Card in this room to get a Bat-Device. You will see some lego tiles come to the right side area. Take Batman there and build those tiles to get a zipline. Take Batman down to the platform and blast the three silver boxes near the robot and build the tiles to get a ball socket. Take Robin back to his acrobat suit and go to the right side and take the zipline back here and use the ball socket.


Move the socket to the left till the robot move around all the way, use Superman to blast the golden egg to get a Bat-Device and make Batman use his grapple onto the tail of the robot and go up and into the cave. Here, hold the attack button and aim at the silver on top. Hit it and jump onto the fan and exit this place.

Sky Chase


Get Superman in the air and you will see a marker on the screen, fly towards it and you will reach the ship. When you are controlling Superman again all you need to do is use the heat ray on everything you can ahead of you. Just hold the attack button to get the heat ray to hit everything which is being pointed at and also all the other gold stuff. You will move around the ship destroying all the engines and defenses and you will come in front of the ship once where there are two golden grates to the left and right. Take them out to get a Bat-device. After you are done outside, you will land on the ship.


Destination Metropolis


Now, the door ahead is shielded and there are four generators for that shield. You can see them to the left and right, first use the heat ray on the top ones which are exposed and switch to Batman and take the cover off the other two by using the grapple and use Superman to burn them. When in control of Batman you should not let the barrels which are coming hit you. Move in and a small copter rises. Immediately switch to Batman and use the grapple to on the yellow hook on the copter to break the cover then hit the pilot to take it down – I used the heat ray to hit the pilot.


Move ahead and destroy everything to the right and you get a set of tiles which build into a lever, pull it to bring up another Bat-device then take it. Before you do anything else, fly Superman to the top ahead and hit the engine to the left of the shutter (1/3). Go back down and to the x-ray wall which the copter crashed into and use Superman's x-ray vision and change all the red pipes and gears once to get Batman's Electric Suit. Use the suit in the electric switch to the left ahead and then on the switch to the right. Now, get on the platform that comes down and go up. Make each of the heroes hang onto the levers which are ahead on the left and right of the shutter. Go in and take Batman since the floor is full of Kryptonite. Hit the guy here and take care of the things on the wall and move into the next room. First take out the two guys on the jetpacks and make one of the heroes take on of the jetpacks and move around shooting all the silver boxes. This will release six bouncing tiles. Move around constructing all the tiles and use Superman to pull the two yellow handles. Now, when you see the torpedo come up, burn the golden back side to send it away.


Move ahead taking out all the fire and take out all the bad guys, fly Superman thru the hole in the ceiling and pull the handle here. Take the Bat Suit and use it on one of the two glass cases to the left or right of the shielded path. Hold the special button and after the glass breaks, jump in and you will come up. Use the gun on the glass here to break it and watch the fun.


Mr.Luthor is Expecting You


Just fly with Superman towards the marker in the sky, keep going past Gotham and you will end up in Metropolis.



Research and Development


Firstly, take Superman and fly up, take out all the golden bands on the balcony on which the enemy is standing and build the tiles which follow to get the Power Suit. Take Batman into the suit and whnever the enemy comes ahead of you just get close enough and fire the explosive, the enemy must by still and if she is spinning then the explosive won't stick so you will need to wait for the appropriate time until which just follow her around. Each time you hit her, she goes away and some small robots come at you, take them down and repeat the explosives with her and after three times she crashes into a wall revealing and x-ray panel. Align all the pipes inside properly and then the escalators get proper again. Take Batman on them and blast all the silver things here and build them to get a lever which opens the lift. Get in.




Destroy the gold and silver objects here and get into the electric suit. Move to the right and take the power off the socket and give use the button (You will find a plaque of the american flag here, blast it (1/5)). Go back and get the powersuit and move to the right again and take out the gold and silver objects here. Go back to get the power suit and throw an explosive onto the coveyor belt which is moving up and when it reaches near the silver object, press special button again to blast it and move to the right. You come to a couple of goons who have kryptonite, make Batman bash them and move on. You will see another gold grate here, us the heat ray to cut it. Make Batman blast the button to get two more guys come out of the elevator to the right and then go in.


Use Superman the blast the golden seal which is to the left of the camera here and then build to get a sensor suit and use the suit the turn the wheel here and stand on the yellow button which comes to the right in the kryptonite field. A few enemies follow, beat them up and repeat with the wheel and button two more times and you will get a path to go in ahead. (You will find the second plaque in this area (2/5).


Jump thru the hole in the glass which the last of the robots made and control Batman and jump into the wind ahead. You will come up on the next level where you can balst the third plaque (3/5) and then move to the right. Break the pipes here and then make Superman fly and blast all the golden pipes above the torrent of kryptonite gas. Fly across and blast all the golden pipes to stop the current. Fly above to the next one and pull the handle here, break the circuit inside and move Batman to the right now (go around on the platform here on top to get a Bat-Device). Use the grapple to get across and break the stuff here to get a sensor suit. Go back on top and use the gun on the glass to stop this last current. The fourth plaque is on the wall here (4/5). Move to the right and heat up the large object here and after it's destroyed, make Superman stand on the switch to raise the platform nearby – have the Bat Suit on and move onto the platform and glide across. Destroy the pipe on the wall ahead and move to the left of this place where some glass is and blow it and move into the room. Move to the left and use the lever here to cover up the Kryptonite. Move Superman to the right now and cut the large gold covering on the wall (the final plaque is nearby here (5/5).




Go thru the hole in the wall which Superman made and you will reach the next place. You can save here, move up the stairs and go to the next area. Sit on one of the seats, now we get control of some robots. There's also an enemy robot. To take it down, you need to keep moving since the enemy robot will rush in and if you move, it hits into the wall, now it's armor will be down, go in close and make a hit with your robot and repeat this for four times to take it down and move the robot out of the way, take your hero into this chamber and use the wheel in the mid section of the wall to stop the robots from coming down and move to the right. But fly up and take the Bat-device which is in the air. Move into the chamber to the right and break the glasses to the left and right of the door and break the door and use the heat ray to get thru, then we get to witness a great cutscene.

Robot Takedown


Fly towards the Joker robot and use Superman's Heat Ray or Batman's cannons to take down the copters. You need to switch to Batman after that and aim at the sole of the Joker Robot where you see the health bar. Keep shooting multiple times to take out all the protection and switch to Superman and use the Heatray to take out the golden part (You ought to see something float on two ballons to the left of the robot in the distance – take out the ballons to get a Bat-device). You need to do this again and destroy any missiles coming at you and you will land on top of the robot soon.


Down to Earth


Move back and you will see a golden thing which Superman can destroy and then build it to get a AA missile launcher which hits a copter that get near and you get another Bat-device. Fly Superman to the left foot of the robot and Batman follows you here and a copter comes by. Use the grapple on the copter first then heat ray the pilot to lose the copter and move ahead. Use Superman's Freeze breath to put out the fire ahead and build to get the Powersuit. Move ahead and you will see that the left engine has silver covering on it. Use the explosives on that and a handle shows up. Take Superman to the handle and pull it out and a turret comes out behind. Use Superman's heat ray on the turret(1/3), Use Batman to blast the second engine too and two more turrets show up ahead (2,3 /3). You get a Bat-device for taking all of them out. Pull out the next handle and watch the cutscene.


Crash Landing


Get Superman in a car ahead and follow the coins on the road to get to a large gate which can be opened if Superman uses his heat ray on the golden lock to the right. Then get back in the car and keep going to the Joker Robot.


Underground Retreat


Move to the right and you will see a batsign ahead near the electricity to the right. Take Superman and jump onto the path to the right of that and pull the handle here. Build the tiles and take the electricity suit and use the button here. Move ahead and pull the handle with Superman to bring down everything and move ahead. Keep going and you see the robot's foot come down. To the right here are tiles which can be built into the power suit. Take the supt back to the very beginning of this area where you might have seen some siver covering. Destroy that and pull the lever to get a Bat-device. Go back and use the explosive on the silver here and get the electricity suit back and use it in the switch to get rid of the robot foot. Take the power suit and move ahead to where the silver debris are and destroy them. Move Superman ahead while destroying all the debris and keep going till you get to the golden debris and destroy them and move ahead.




Destroy all the silver here and build the tiles and pull the lever to get more tiles Build them to get the Bat Suit. Move to the right and destroy the glass here and freeze the water (you can save the game nearby). After you freeze the water, move up and go across the rail line to the other side with Batman's suit (the batsuit has wings remeber). Destroy the glass in the back here to drop a ladder for Superman and turn the wheel here and move to the left and destroy the gold. Built the tiles to get a handle and use the handle to move the train back. After the path ahead is clear, move ahead to the next chamber. Take out the fire to the left and take Batman up the ladder then fly with him across to the next platform and then the next one too. Destroy the glass at the back to drop the ladder and take Superman on the batsymbol and turn the three wheels behind the x-ray panel to get a handle to the left on the ground, pull it to get to the next part.


Move to the right and keep firing the heat ray at the golden parts on the robot hand and after that, move into the tram.




Just keep hitting the special button repeatedly to get out of the grasp of the Joker Robot. Save here and move to the right and use the grappling hook. Go up the ladder and keep going to the right till you see fire. Then use Superman to get across and destoy the two boxes here and build to get the Electricity Suit. Move across and use the button here and keep going to the right and use the next button (the Bat-device on the top to the right cannot be taken just yet). The level ends here.

City Hall Rally


Move to the right here and you will find a terminal (You can also check your map line to see the icon of a computer and go for it). Take Robin's bike and go to the location and watch the cutscene.


The Next President


There's a Lex Luthor campaign poster nearby and another to the right ahead behind the dias and another to the right most side of this area. Cut open the gold plate here but before that, move to the left most side and aim the batarang above and destroy the three things here and build to get the powersuit and then cut the gold and blast the silver inside and climb up. Move to the right infornt of the screen and you will see more gold, take it out too and jump down and build the tiles to get the electricity suit and go bacck and climb up. Use the button and get SUperman up here and destroy the fourth poster and pull the handle here. Go up the slant here and jump up. Go on top of the Robots arm and make the two heroes stand on the two button here. Heat Ray the golden flower to the right.




Build the lego pieces to the right to make a copter and go further right and build the next set to get blades on top of the copter and then use Batman to grapple onto the hook and get in the copter. Now, move the copter so that the light coming out of it is hitting the eyes of the robot. After that, move to the left and use heat ray on the gold plate here and go in. Use Batman and take the Bat Suit and fly to the right and build the objects here. Break the glass here and build it too. Now, go back to the electricity suit and get it here and use the switch. Move the light again to hit the eyes of the robot and then finally, use Superman to pull out the handle/.


A Desperate Plan


Head to the Joker robot…


Core Instability


Firstly, you need to shoot at silver parts which come on to road to the left or right which makes a statue fall (the arrow which comes on the circular pointer points to these) and you need to shoot at the middle of the Robot (try not to get hit by the missiles – take them out too) to make Kryptonite fall from it. You need to do this thrice and while doing it, try to take out the five purple boxes which also can be found on the sides of the road which gives you a Bat-device. The cutscene shows you why we were going around the city.


Wayne Tower Showdown


Take our heroes to the Wayne Towers ahead….


Tower Defiance


Move to the right and hit any gold you see using Cyborg. Then to the right side you will come across some gree lego tiles. Only the Green Lantern can build things using these so switch to him and use them. Move across and use Cyborg to pull the handle here and again there are more pieces here which he can build and smash the door ahead. Use the tiles near the waterfall to make Robin's Ice Suit and freeze up the water and move up. Cut the gold door and move in. Take out the enemies and you should see a bike like toy here. Climb on it and keep hitting the attack button till you see a Bat-device come. Take it and move ahead to the while machine on the wall. Here to the left and right of it are two switches which Robin needs to aim at and shoot – just hold the attack button. You will see a line of magnetic pipes which you can use to move up with Cyborg. Destroy the gold boxes here and use Lantern to move the green legos. Take Batman and build the tiles to get the Power Suit and jump up. Blast the silver door and use Robin to hit the ice switch here again and then Batman to pull the grapple hook to go up.


Move behind the suit where you cannot see the hero and then keep hitting there to get a Bat-device. Then make Robin hit the Ice Button to get the Electric Suit and move Batman thru the field of electricity. Hit the power button to the right and go up and hit the next button here and then use Green Lantern to build the green lego and move thru.




Move ahead and destroy everything ahead to get some green lego tiles and also some normal tiles. Use the green tiles first and the robot goes away to the left. Now use the normal tiles to build the blades of the copter to the left but now, move ahead and cut the gold here and use Batman to remove the power. Take the Hazard Suit for Robin and move to the copter and wash off the chemicals here. If you need water, there's a puddle to the right behind you. Use Batman to grapple onto the hook on the copter and move across the path now. You need to get Robin's Ice Suit back so go for it and then cross. Move to the place with the fire near the robot and put out the fire and use Batman to power the electric switch here. Then move to the left and break the stuff here but fly Green Lantern up to the left to find a Citizen and save him. Then destroy the things which are in the center of the area and build to get a cannot with which you need to shoot the Robot a few times. Then use the green legos and watch the fun.




While falling, move around to avoid any debris from hitting you. You can move down faster if you hold the jump button. When you land, the Joker can come up from hour different places, use Cyborg for this and stay at one place, dodge anything he throws at you and when he comes us near you hit him or you can use the laser to get him from a distance but it's better if you don't move a lot. This you need to do twice more to get rid of the Joker.


Heroes Unite


Move to the Joker Robot and start the final battle. Move Cyborg to the right and destroy the gold box and build to get the electricity suit. Jump into the right hand of the robot which is electrocuted and hit the special button to interact. Then move Wonder Woman close to where the handles are to the right and hold attack button to aim at the two handles and pull them off. Now, take her and jump onto where the orange handle is and pull it off. Now, move left and use Green Lantern to build the green legos. Get Cyborg to cut the gold here and make someone pull out the hooks inside with grapple or lasso. Then use Cyborg to pull the magnetic handles nearby.


Assemble the tiles which showed up to get the Acrobat Suit and go to the left of the Robot's face and use the pole in the hole on top. Use Green Lantern to build the green legos and get ready to fight with the Clown Prince.


Just make someone move ahead and hit him and when they are being shocked, tag to another hero and use him to hit the Joker, just keep doing this till his lives run out. (There is a gold box on top of the robot which gives a Dat-device when destroyed).


Now, the Lex bot comes out. It has two kinds of attacks, the cannons and the Deconstructor. There are three black boxes nearby – stand behind them and when the Decon hits them, they blow up giveing you pieces of the ball socket nearby. Build the Ball SOcket fully and get Robin to operate it. Now, move the crosshair around and hold the attack button to drop the attack – you will need to hold the button continously. After each attack, Robin comes out of the ball socket – just get him back and repeat this until the bot falls. Move someone infront of the bot and keep hitting the special button to pull Lex out of the cockpit.


"I have located it"

—- Braniac

Lego Superman???


Avid, excessive, convoluted, harcore, intrinsic, addicted gamer who only plays games... believe me, there cannot be a better description of me than that.... (I'd probably take that onto my gravestone)

Chapter 4: Asylum Assignment

Start by destroying the lego pieces near the elevator and reassemble them to get Robin's Hazard Suit. Use it to take out the fire. Head to the right and dive to the water. Activate the panel to the left to unlock Batman's Electricity Suit.

Use Batman to pass through the electical catwalk then drain the power from the generator and clear the underwater path for Robin. Switch to Robin and continue to the right. Destroy the debris for the blocks to float and create a footbridge for Batman.

As Batman, continue to the right then drain the generator's power again. Switch to Robin then destroy the fan blades to enter the tunnel. Head to the left first to find a mini-kit.

Continue to the right and destroy the second fan then activate the terminal. Switch back to Batman and power up the generator to open the underwater gate for Robin. Go past the gate and have Robin destroy the green machine to clear a path for Batman. Have Batman power on the generator again to open the floor panel inside the cage. Switch to Robin and float up to the opened floor panel to get inside the cage. A mini-kit is located to the far left.

Continue to the right and have Batman destroy the desk then reassemble it to become a paddle switch. Push it for Robin to continue forth. Continue to the right and let Robin return to the surface. Now aim for the blue circular switch then press B to shoot a stream of water to it. This will activate the stairway.

Continue upstairs and power on the switch to freeze the waterfall. Climb up then defeat all goons. Destroy the shining blocks in the upper right portion of the floor and reassemble it to get Robin's Ice Suit.  Destroy the two valves to create a fountain. Freeze them and the waterfall in the middle to gain access to the upper floor.

Make your way to the other side and past the freeze jet then use the paddle switch to power off the jet and create a safe passage for Batman. Continue forth and defeat the goons. Have Batman power off the generator in the upper left then control Robin and cross the frozen wall. Continue to the right and a hatch will open. Jump down then pull the lever.

Use the paddle switch to turn off the freeze jets. Have Robin shoot the waterfall with his ice cannon to freeze again then make Batman reach the other side to access the electrified terminal. (You can ignore the mini-kit  during your first time in this stage) Power it off then step on the two buttons to continue.

In the next area, head to the right and defeat the minions. Switch to Robin's Acrobat Suit and swing on the handle bars to reach a mini-kit.

Power up the switch to the left of the giant monitors then use Robin's Acrobat Suit's gyro ball ability to control the conveyor belts. After completing the simple path, the box will appear. Use your grappling hook to pull the box open. Defeat the enemies that will appear as well.

Reconstruct it then change to Batman's Sensor Suit. Go on stealth mode and go past the security cameras. Deactivate them using the nearby switch, then change to Robin's Hazard Suit to put out the fire. Change to Robin's Ice Suit before moving on. Continue forth then examine the green wall and fix the alignment of the conduits inside.

Cross the bridge then freeze the waterfall to access the terminal. Activate it to create another bridge. Move along to reach the large door. Defeat all the enemies then scan the blue wall. First, release the batter in the top left corner then operate the mechanisms until the battery reaches to the lower right. This opens the large security door and stairs.

Continue along the main corridor where more prisoners will break free and attack you. Defeat them until you reach the some toxic sprays. Pull down the lever to the left and activate the terminal to the right to get past them. Meet up with the Scarecrow to start the boss battle for this stage.

Have Batman go on stealth mode and just defeat the prisoners and attack Scarecrow until he's down to 3 hearts. You should see some bouncing lego pieces from both sides. Reassemble them to become valves. Activate the valve and have one of your characters hang on the bar. Activate the valve again to retract it so the hanging character can jump on the ledge and activate the terminal there. Do this for both sides and you should be able to attack the Scarecrow normally until he's defeated.  The stage is completed after his defeat.

Early Halloween


Free Roam

You can now activate remote bat terminals which will allow you to fast travel to major known locations, reveal villain locations and select the vehicles you want to ride as well. Activating some bat terminals reveal the location of villains. Defeating them will allow you to buy them so you can switch to them and use their skills whenever needed.

Remote terminals are marked by red beams in the sky. For tips on how to find and collect these character tokens, please refer to this guide's Character Tokens section.



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