Failing Education In America Essay

Failure Of The Education System Essay

Our education system today is in a state of flagrant disrepair. Educators rely on outdated modes of instruction to teach children. Instead of examining these methods administrators spend time and effort developing more intensive assessments in hopes of fueling more intense learning. In order to successfully impact learning teachers must begin teaching in ways that guarantee to impart new knowledge. Brain-based learning is a newer concept in education that addresses the specific needs of a learner’s brain in order to maximize learning. Brain-based learning as defined by author and educator Eric Jensen is “the engagement of strategies based on principles derived from an understanding of the brain,” (2010, p.4). Because educators do not teach in accordance with how the brain learns, the education system is failing today’s students.
Fundamentals of Brain-Based Learning
How the brain learns
Much of society’s understanding of learning revolves around a behaviorist’s approach to instruction, “with enough punishment and rewards, you can get any behavior you wish,” (Jensen, 2010, p.6). This form of teaching does not take into account a person’s individual circumstances or uniqueness. Instead behaviorism relies on the idea the idea that everyone will react the same to the decided reinforcers. Brain-based learning, on the other hand, asks: “How could I discover the learner’s natural impediments and built in motivators so that the desired behavior emerges as a natural consequence? (Jensen, 2010, p.6). Learning involves the entire brain and is fueled at many times by a survival instinct. Humans learn because many times the new information offered is considered essential to that person’s life. In this way it is not surprising that many times that which is learned may not always be what was intended by the instructor. In order to engage the brain with new learning it is important to prove that the information is vital and needed by the student.
Brain dominance
For many decades people have been considered to be either right or left side dominant in regards to brain function which came with defined roles such as “creative” or “analytical”. This thinking tends to be over-simplified as most people use their entire brains daily (Jensen, 2010). On the other hand people do use different parts of their brain for different tasks according to how they perceive those tasks.
In order to thoroughly engage learners and their specific brain dominance it is important to discuss subject matter with a big picture approach and then to discuss the details. This will involve learning from the left side as the small details flow into a larger subject. The right side of the brain will also be engaged when learning a subject through visualization of the big picture. In today’s school systems subjects tend to be taught the same: different subtopics are broken up and taught at different times until all material is covered. The big picture of the new...

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“If you would just get up and teach them instead of handing them a packet. There’s kids in here that don’t learn like that. They need to learn face to face. I’m telling you what you need to do. You can’t expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell ‘em.” Texas student, Jeff Bliss, decided to take a stand against the lack of teaching going on in his class (Broderick).

Across America, young people are being short changed due to a broken education system. Bliss is just one example of the shared frustration felt by students. In an interview, Jeff said one of his key points is the fact that it's not just about his education, it's about our education. "If we embrace this, I feel as if we can make a serious change and a positive change.…show more content…

A single child may express multiple learning types based on varying situations. Another may exhibit one trait dominantly while rarely displaying the others. The seven different styles of learning are categorized as:
• Visual (Spatial) – Use of pictures, videos and spatial understanding
• Aural (Auditory) – Use of sound and music
• Verbal (Linguistic) – Use of words, both in speech and writing
• Physical (Kinesthetic) – Use of body, hands and sense of touch
• Logical (Mathematical) – Use of logic, reasoning and systems
• Social (Interpersonal) – Use of group learning and social interaction
• Solitary (Intrapersonal) – Use of self-study and working individually
This issue is one of the most prominent struggles in modern education (Advanogy).While state and district standards are changing in order to resolve this issue, teachers are also incorporating new approaches to better encompass the ever-changing needs of students. Throughout the state of Arizona and particularly within the Peoria Unified School District, common core standards have been implemented into schools to help regulate learning. PUSD has introduced the common core as a way to standardize learning for all students, using standards of specified learning to better teach curriculum in an effective and timely manner. “The goal is that rather than getting the answer, teachers will provide students with the tools to find the


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