Essay On Life Of A Pen

I am a Fountain Pen and today I am writing my Autobiography.

I was born at a pen factory a few years ago. My outer body is golden in colour . I was displayed at a pen shop; so I could watch all the people passing by. Several people also had a glance to have a look at me.

In the meantime, I was purchased by a famous writer from the market and I am still staying with him. I am the favorite pen of the writer.

The writer finds pleasure in writing with me. I am also very glad and proud of it. I do my best to help him finish his task on time.  He uses me to write many poems, stories and essays. There are then taken to the press for printing and they are published in the form of a book. The writer gets so much money and fame as I help him to write with. His thoughts and ideas are expressed in words and then recorded through me.  This is how I try to spread human knowledge from one generation to another.

I am very fond of my master. He always take care that my beautiful body do not get scratched.

Thus, Culture and literature of human civilization are so much dependent on us. We have great power to changer the human mind and heart. It, therefore, very rightly said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

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Understanding the topic is one of the biggest helpful hints we can share. When the judges are trying to eliminate essays to choose the four winners, they easily eliminate essays which do not answer the question. For instance, if the topic asks you to discuss your experience with overcoming adversity, don’t spend the essay focusing on your adversity or hardships. Instead you should focus on how you overcame the hardship or the steps you are taking to overcome the adversity.


What is the reason you are writing your essay? This purpose will become your thesis statement and should answer the prompt. If you are struggling to start this sentence, use some of the question wording.  If the prompt asks you to write about a mentor who made an impact on your life, then you might write, “As a mentor, Joe Smith made a profound impact on my life by…”


Before you write anything, you need to determine who your audience is. Writing style depends on the audience. For Silver Pen, the audience is comprised of members at our retirement communities who are retired teachers, professors, business professionals and community leaders.


The draft you submit should never be your first draft. Using your preferred method of brainstorming (outline, rough drafts, etc.), you should start organizing and proofreading your work.


After you have completed your essay, proofread your work. Sometimes reading it aloud will help you catch things you didn’t see before. Use spell check because it is a helpful tool that will save you from unfortunate grammar errors like not capitalizing “i” when referring to yourself. Also, ask parents, friends and/or teachers to proofread your essay.


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