Nyc Ladders For Leaders Essay

NYC Ladders for Leaders

The Ladders for Leaders is a nationally recognized program that offers high school and college students the opportunity to participate in paid professional summer internships with leading corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies in New York City. The program is an initiative of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) and supported by the NYC Center for Youth Employment and the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City.

Why Ladders for Leaders:

Ladders for Leaders gives students a unique opportunity to explore their interests and discover new ones through:

  • Pre-employment Training: Receive help with résumé and cover letter writing, and interviewing skills. Learn essential workplace readiness skills and business etiquette.
  • Paid Summer Internships: Paid internship opportunities available in a variety of industries to accommodate student interests.
  • Opportunity to join our growing Alumni Network: Broad network of alumni, post-internship opportunities and networking events open only to past participants of the program.

Apply for Ladders for Leaders now

*The Department of Youth and Community Development is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

so guys I applied for this program in my city and I just wanted to know if this was a good essay. Ill put in what they ask for me to write over the essay and then my essay will be under the question

In 250 words or more, please describe why would you like to join NYC Ladders for Leaders?
What do you hope to get out of the program?
What would you contribute to the program?

This program was meant for people like me, people who will try there hardest no matter what because they want to be the best they can possibly be. Ladders for Leaders will be a great experience for me because, this program will give me the experience that I need in order to be the best I can possibly be. Being part of a school and Family where I am pushed to be the best I know that this program will give the one thing I have been lacking and that is experience. I hope that this program will provide me with knowledge of the medical field however, I also hope that ladders for Leaders will allow me to realize the responsibilities I will need in general to succeed in life. You ask me what can I contribute to the program and the simple answer is I can contribute myself. This is the greatest contribution I can provide you and I can also promise you this will be one of the greatest contributions you will receive all year. The reason for this is because I push myself to be the best and no matter what challenge I am faced with I will do everything I can do to overcome it. I also can't handle letting people down. My biggest fear in life is letting people down and for that reason I don't let people down if a person needs me to do something I will do it. If a person relies on me for help I will help them and this goes without exception as I know if I let others down I will let myself down. Other people only care about themselves but me, I care about others more than I care about myself and that is the reason I will contribute myself to this program as it is the best thing I can personally give you.

Bench start 110 current 290
DEADLIFT start 185 current 405
Squat start 140 current 335


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